Blood of Dragons - Robin Hobb

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Hest rejoins the tale, as do Tintaglia and Icefyre, and Tintaglia's Elderling Malta, Reyn and singer Selden. Now I need to read the Liveship Traders Trilogy! Author's webpage: Blood of Dragons - Robin Hobb... Read more

City of Dragons - Robin Hobb

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Kelsingra! Flying dragons! Author's webpage: City of Dragons - Robin Hobb... Read more

Dragon Haven - Robin Hobb

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With Liveship Tarman, captained by level headed Leftrin, the weakling dragons and their misfit keepers journey north along the Rain Wild River, in search of Kelsingra. Author's webpage: Dragon Haven - Robin Hobb... Read more

Where next: Winter Walking Trins, Austria

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I'm going to have to come up with a better naming convention than "Where next", given that I'm in a phase of booking holidays ahead of going on the actual "next" one.... Anyway, here's what I'm now looking forward to... Read more

Autumn in Ladakh: Trip Prep

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Our three weeks in Ladakh are looming on the horizon, so today I've: completed my Indian e-Tourist Visa application bought my annual multitrip travel insurance (to supplement my Austrian Alpine Club (UK) mountain rescue insurance). I've gone with MoneySavingExpert's "Best... Read more

The Snowman - Jo Nesbø

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Inspector Harry Hole meets his nemesis, as the Oslo crime squad investigate a series of murders of mothers. Author's webpage: The Snowman - Jo Nesbø... Read more

The Dragon Keeper - Robin Hobb

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The start of The Rain Wild Chronicles - more magical storytelling, characters who get under your skin within a sentence, and .... dragons! But not the majestic Tintaglia and Icefyre we met with FitzChivalry Farseer, these weak and malformed creatures... Read more

Flood of Fire - Amitav Ghosh

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The third and final instalment of the Ibis trilogy, Amitav Ghosh's telling of the First Opium War and the role of Indians played in the British-Chinese conflict and the "founding" of the British colony of Hong Kong. Author's webpage: Flood... Read more

Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith

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Our third meeting with ex soldier turned private eye, Cormoran Strike and Robin receives a severed leg at the office. It's time to talk about Relationships-with-a-capital-R - past present and future. Excellent! Author's webpage: Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith... Read more

History, exploration, archaeology, forensic analysis - all feature in this account of Franklin's search for the fabled Northwest Passage, and the impact tinned food had on the expedition causing lead poisoning, resulting in the illness and "general debilitation" that afflicted... Read more

One Step Behind - Henning Mankell

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Midsummer, and a serial killer is on the loose in Ystad... and Wallander is getting to grips with his not overly surprising diabetes diagnosis. Publisher's webpage: One Step Behind - Henning Mankell... Read more


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Back from three days in Snowdonia, with Catherine and Hazel. Thursday An easy drive from Harpenden (M1 - M6 / M6 Toll - M56 - A55 - A5 - B4366 - old straight road - track) meant we reached Beudy... Read more

The Last Runaway - Tracy Chevalier

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English Quaker Honor Bright travels to America in search of a new life, alongside her sister Grace who is engaged to be married to an older man from their home town of Bridport who'd already set up a farm in... Read more

The Innocent - Magdalen Nabb

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Guarnaccia and his team are investigating a body discovered in one of the lakes in the Boboli Gardens, which turns out to be that of a young Japanese woman apprenticed to one of the city's artisan shoemakers. Lots of glimpses... Read more

Everest Trek Get Together No 9

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A larger than usual contingent at the June 2016 Get Together as we were joined by Jim (who's coming to Ladakh) and Charles (who did April's Solu Khumbu trek with me and Steffi). But otherwise "the usual" - aside from... Read more

Before The Frost - Henning Mankell

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Wallander's daughter, Linda, has graduated from the police academy and is waiting, impatiently, to start her career as a policewoman in her home town, and father's patch, Ystad. In parallel with parent-child relationships, Before the Frost explores the origins and... Read more

Lamentation - C. J. Sansom

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C. J. Sansom's Shardlake's take on the final months of Henry VIII's reign and life, revolving around the disappearance of a manuscript written by Henry VIII's sixth wife, Catherine Parr. As Henry's health worsens, political and religious power struggles escalate... Read more

Voices - Arnaldur Indriðason

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Early Erlendur. It's the run up to Christmas and Erlendur is investigating the murder of the doorman-cum-caretaker at a Reykjavík hotel. His daughter Eva Lind is clean and recovering from the loss of her baby. We witness his first encounter... Read more

Retromania - Simon Reynolds

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Quite a weighty tome - over 400 pages in paperback - looking at music's love of the past; revering, recycling, repurposing musical styles and genres across the decades. Particularly fascinating when you get to chapters about times and tunes you... Read more

K2: Triumph and Tragedy - Jim Curran

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Jim Curran's account of the 1986 K2 season which saw 13 deaths on the world's second highest mountain. In contrast to the 1996 Everest "disaster", we're still in the era of pre-commercial climbs by experienced climber-mountaineers: 27 summitted, including Alan... Read more

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