2016: Twelve Months of Photos & Books

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I thought I'd take a look back over 2016 in terms of my photos on Flickr and the Reading entries on SparklyTrainers, and pick a favourite image and a favourite book for each month. Here goes: January Photo A beautiful... Read more

Nostalgic nourishment for Eighties pop and a Brummie upbringing. Originally bought for John Taylor super-fan Jenny, I'm glad I had a read before handing it on. Publisher's page: In The Pleasure Groove: Love, Death & Duran Duran - John Taylor... Read more

Phil and I spent a lovely week in Walton to say farewell to 2016 and to welcome in 2017. After finishing off the left overs ... ... and fuelled by daily afternoon doses of Christmas cake and tea and plenty... Read more

Murder in the Hindu Kush - Tim Hannigan

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Very readable account of the life (and death) of Victorian explorer, George Hayward, with lots of "probably"s thrown into a history of The Great Game in the far west of China and the Princely States that the British Empire ceded... Read more

John Pilkington's account of his adventures on the Silk Road in the late 1980s is sadly showing its age now - both as geopolitics continue to shift, and other writers have followed in his footsteps and (in my opinion) enjoyed... Read more

Burned - Benedict Jacka

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The third and last in my Benedict Jacka / Alex Verus binge and it ends on a cliff hanger!! Warning: Spoilers I wondered how the Dragon's prophecy would come true.... but it looks like Alex's life is going to get... Read more

Winter Walking Trins: Photos & Notes

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No snow, which made the Winter Walking in the Austrian Tyrol rather tame. A lovely group though, and an excellent Exodus leader. Photos are in my Austria, December 2016 album on Flickr, and here's what we did: Saturday 17 December... Read more

Veiled - Benedict Jacka

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I polished off Veiled during the journey from the Barbican to Trins - reading about air magic when in the air (thankfully above the fog). Alex Verus joins Caldera ... as an Auxiliary Keeper. An ex-Dark Mage working for the... Read more

Hidden - Benedict Jacka

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I've borrowed the next three novels in Benedict Jacka's Alex Verus series to read over Christmas and just about managed to finish Hidden before heading off to the Austrian Tyrol for my Winter Walking, Trins trip.... leaving the remaining pair... Read more

American Wife - Curtis Sittenfeld

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Fictional autobiography of FLOTUS Alice Blackwell, although mirroring the life and times of Laura Bush. A lot more soul searching and inner conflict than I'd expect. Not until now do I realise that Curtis Sittenfeld is a woman. Author's webpage:... Read more

Autumn in Ladakh: Photos & Notes

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With greater brevity than usual (in the interests of getting my photos onto Flickr before my next trip), here's what we did on this year's Autumn in Ladakh trip. You'll find my photos in my Ladakh, September 2016 album on... Read more

The Wolf Border - Sarah Hall

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Unexpectedly still in Cumbria, after an initial introduction to lead character Rachel Caine in Idaho where she's been living and working on a Nez Perce reservation, reintroducing wolves. Rachel is persuaded to return "home" by Thomas Pennington, the The Earl... Read more

The Shepherd's Life - James Rebanks

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A year - and a lifetime - with Lake District sheep farmer, James Rebanks. Publisher page: The Shepherd's Life - James Rebanks Herdwick Shepherd on Twitter: @herdyshepherd1... Read more

Golden Age - Jane Smiley

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By the time I reached the end of Jane Smiley's One Hundred Years trilogy, any semblance of a Golden Age was disappearing into the past, fast. The two (three?) years of near future gazing - the book was published in... Read more

Winter Walking in Austria: Prep

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Over the past few weeks I've slowly been working out options for getting from Innsbruck Airport to the Hotel Wienerhof and back again. Although I'm not on the group flights, Exodus allows you to hook up with them if the... Read more

800 Entries in Sparkly Trainers > Reading

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Early Warning - Jane Smiley was my 800th blog post on Sparkly Trainers Reading. Entry No. 1 was Best Rainy Day Book Ever - Richard Scarry back in July 2001 when I added my three favourite books to the now... Read more

Where next: Japan

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Rosa's 18th birthday trip - hence the manga / anime / kawaii / kitschy Japanese popular culture theme! Not strictly 'next', as I've got Winter Walking in Austria in December and next spring's Dolpo Expedition first, but Tom and I... Read more

Early Warning - Jane Smiley

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Our annual eavesdropping continues with the second and third generations of Langdons, spanning 1953-1986 and America from easy coast to west, with only second son Joe still at the family farm in Iowa. Book 2 in Jane Smiley's Last Hundred... Read more

"Sherpa Tenzing"'s son, Jamling Tenzing Norgay's account of the 1996 Everest disaster, where he was part of the IMAX filming team. It's a very different account from those by other climbers on the mountain, focusing on Norgay's relationships with buddhism... Read more

A Journey in Ladakh - Andrew Harvey

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Should I have read this before going to Ladakh? It has sat on my bookshelves for a long time, unread. Written about a visit in 1981, Andrew Harvey lamented already being decades too late to encounter the traders from Yarkand... Read more

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